Vale, with its Earth-like geography, serves as our backdrop. Stay updated on our world-building journey with this handy location guide for your favorite light novel series.

Big man with long beard and turban sitting at campfire

The Academy

Nectar, Amana

A nameless yet exclusive education system for those with exceptional mana abilities. Entry is granted only to those with the proper lineage, recommendation, or prestige.

Aila the witch in a red had standing in front of World Tree

Grey’s Hood

South Central Los Angeles, CA

An impoverished city with good-hearted people, youth programs, and opportunities that Grey was never afforded. Unfortunately, it also had a flourishing gang life.

Christian dressed in a hood holding fire magic

Ward Farms

Gavles, Amana

A stone’s throw from Rosewood forest, this plantation thrived as Amana’s most profitable. It spans 4,428 acres, enslaves 313 humans, and specializes in blood wine production.


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