Audiobook and Ebook Light Novel Series with Magic & Grit

Join Grey’s quest to protect his friends and become the King of Rosewood Forest in this serialized dark fantasy

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Concept Art

Fae from the Hood incorporates AI-generated art by Chat GPT to illustrate the story and deepen your understanding of this universe

Serialized audiobook and ebook light novels

Say goodbye to long waits for story updates! Fae from the Hood is your weekly source for fresh content. Dive into the story and enjoy the audiobooks and light novels, all available on this website.

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Chapter 1

Grey is captured by a group impersonating undercover police officers, only to awaken in a mysterious realm governed by vampire elves.

Living a fantasy

Before his world plunged into darkness, Grey raced through the night, pursued by three unknown figures. Those figures, clad in ominous black, looked like police officers at first glance, but there was something off about them. They were more like soldiers or mercenaries on a relentless hunt.

Amid the frantic footsteps and the echoing pulse of his heartbeat, the harrowing scream of his father sliced through the air. Grey didn’t bother to look back.

Good. That a**hole probably got what he deserved.

Earlier that day, Grey was at the store with his mom. When they got to the checkout, Candice reached into her purse to find an empty wallet. Why? Because Marcus, without a hint of concern, took her money, leaving Candice and Grey stuck at the register.

When Grey went back to the store with Marcus, they only had enough money to grab the basics—diapers, rice, and beans. It was a short shopping list, symbolic of how Marcus impacted their daily lives. Grey couldn’t help but think about how his dad, a real mess of a guy, always brought trouble.

I knew that idiot would get me killed one day.

This notion had lingered in Grey’s mind for years, a looming premonition that now, uncomfortably, hit too close to home.

Speaking of home, Grey’s house was only a few steps away…


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