Chapter 5: Unexpected Ally – Part 2

Selene’s heart raced as she called out Trinity’s name again, her voice echoing through the tumultuous winds inside the room. The door swung shut behind her, momentarily quelling the force that threatened to engulf the entire estate. Selene’s eyes darted around the room, her gaze fixed on the two figures at the center, interlocked in a mysterious dance of magic.

Attempting to approach them, Selene found herself thwarted by the fierce wind mana that poured from their bodies, preventing her from getting any closer. The intensity of the magical clash seemed to create a rift, isolating Trinity and Grey within a turbulent, looping current. Fear clutched at Selene’s chest as she desperately called out to her daughter, the urgency in her voice drowned by the chaotic winds.

“Trinity! Trinity, answer me!” Selene’s calls became a desperate refrain, meaningless within the magical storm. Trinity remained locked in a trance with Grey. 

In another attempt to break through the magical barrier, Selene summoned the last reserves of her mana, creating a protective shield around herself. As she stepped forward, the winds resisted, but Selene persisted, causing even more lacerations on her face and arms. She was just outside of arm’s reach when her steps came to a halt. Her progress had reached its physical limit. 

Suddenly, in the midst of the magical maelstrom, Selene tried a different approach. “Grey!” 

To her astonishment, both Trinity and Grey opened their eyes simultaneously, turning to face her. In that fleeting moment, something remarkable occurred—Trinity’s eyes mirrored Grey’s silver moons, though only for a moment. The deadly glow emanating from the stares sent a shiver down Selene’s spine. 

As Selene stood there, breathless and bewildered, the chaotic winds gradually subsided. The tempestuous magic that had held the room in its thrall began to wane. As the gusts faded away, Grey and Trinity, both suspended in mid-air during the magical clash, descended with an abrupt crash, landing on the debris-littered floor.

“Ow,” Trinity repeated while holding her back. “Where did the bed go?”

Surveying the aftermath, Grey’s eyes widened in amazement. 

The bed? Where did the room go?

The room, Trinity’s haven and prison, now lay in ruins. The winds had merged the walls of Grey’s room with Trinity’s, creating an amalgamation of destruction.

Amidst the debris and chaos, Selene’s attention was drawn to something extraordinary. The flow of mana through Trinity’s body was nearly perfect, unimpeded by the countless mana clots that had plagued her daughter for two decades. Tears welled up in Selene’s eyes as she comprehended the significance of this transformation. Unable to contain her overwhelming emotions, she rushed toward Trinity, throwing her arms around her daughter with an embrace that conveyed both relief and sheer joy.

“Trinity, you’re alive,” Selene cried, her voice a mixture of gratitude and elation. 

“Mommy,” Trinity hugged Selene, releasing cries and screams that matched her mother’s.

The moment was poignant, a culmination of both motherly love and the inexplicable bond that had unfolded between Trinity and Grey during the magical clash. It was that bond that caused both Selene and Trinity to throw themselves at Grey, holding him closely. In that embrace, the remnants of the shattered room seemed inconsequential compared to the newfound hope that had blossomed within the devastation.

Just outside of the room, the servants, still shaken and fearful, hesitated to step into the hallway. The air was laden with an aura that even they could sense. However, Christian, assuming that someone had attacked his home, ran back to the second floor. 

As he entered Trinity’s room, his eyes fell upon the devastation. Christian noticed Grey, stoically held in the familial embrace between his mother and sister. He couldn’t fathom the connection that seemed to bind Grey to his family, a connection that eluded Christian despite his fervent desire for approval.

Grey, astutely aware of Christian’s presence, continued to tightly hold onto Selene and Trinity, in hopes that their mana would mask his own. The charade was crucial to avoid Christian’s scrutiny and the potential consequences that might follow if his newfound magical prowess were exposed.

For the first time, Grey knew what mana felt like. It was the very same looping energy that he felt in the wind, a storm that existed with him. Still, his energy seemed different from Selene’s and Christian’s, which was destructive and fiery. But Trinity’s was beyond his comprehension. It was a light that brought both warmth and illumination within its embrace. 

“Thank you, Grey,” Selene whispered, her voice filled with a mixture of emotions. “Thank you.” 

Those words stirred a pang of guilt in Grey’s heart, a feeling he had never experienced before. 

I didn’t really want to help. I wanted mana.


A year had passed. Grey, assuming he was thirteen, strolled beside the vast grape fields that stretched beneath the enchantment circle. The intricate spell drew blood from the slaves as they tirelessly harvested bloody red grapes. Grey had unwittingly entered the field once, experiencing the unsettling sensation of blood being drained from his body, realizing that this extracted essence found its way into the very grapes that would eventually become Ward’s famous blood wine. 

Magical vineyard with red grapes and two silver moons in the sky

The slaves toiled under the enchantment, their faces sunken and vacant, resembling zombies absorbed in a perpetual cycle of labor. Grey observed the harsh reality of their existence, witnessing one unfortunate soul being mercilessly beaten by a vampire overseer for perceived laziness. The brutality was a stark reminder that life on the plantation was far from idealistic, despite Grey’s ideal circumstances.

The sight of this farm was a constant reminder that he couldn’t stay on the plantation forever.

Man with blue hair with tattoos

Joining Marcus beneath a tree, Grey peeled fruit for his father, who observed Grey’s actions with a gaze that held both vitality and skepticism. Marcus’s eyes, once dulled by charm magic, now flickered with life, yet harbored an underlying wariness toward Grey. Aware of his son’s genius and devious nature, Marcus wondered if he would soon find himself entangled in one of Grey’s nefarious plots. On the other hand, Grey felt compelled to assist his father not out of any ulterior motive but because it was the right thing to do, a stark contrast to the reasons that guided his actions when helping Trinity. Still, he was fully aware that Trinity deserved care and consideration while Marcus didn’t. 

Before parting ways with Marcus, Grey gently tapped his father’s shoulder, subtly drawing away some of Selene’s charm. Then, he continued toward the forest. 

Over the course of the year, Grey worked less with Selene and more with Trinity. He escorted her to her doctor for checkups and to receive more mana circulation pills. 

Grey also took on the role of Trinity’s tutor, guiding her through the intricacies of math and writing. Trinity, in turn, was astonished to discover that Grey could help her with high school courses because he had skipped enough grades to be a senior before he was abducted. In a reciprocal exchange of knowledge, Trinity, well-versed in practical magic, became Grey’s mentor in mana training. However, Grey couldn’t use spells without enchanted bracelets. And for some reason, he could only produce wind spells, even if the bracelet was specifically made for fire or earth. 

Grey’s most important role, as Trinity’s servant, was to circulate her magic in the fodder field. Unbeknownst to them, several young slaves discreetly observed this magical exchange, quietly marveling at the hidden wonders within their world. Diego and Frankie were their most frequent observers. 

Among the onlookers, Selene and Isabella watched with contented smiles on their faces, observing the transformative connection between Grey and Trinity. 

When the circulation training had finished for the day, Selene joined them on the field. The evil grin on Selene’s face made Trinity wary. 

“What do you want, mom?” Trinity growled. 

“Mom! Are you really going to keep calling me that?” Selene pouted. “I wanted to walk you back to the house, you know?”

“Go take a horse. We’ll be fine.”

“You’re already hoarding my Grey! I hardly—”

Matching Selene’s evil grin, Trinity questioned, “Your Grey? He’s my friend.”

Selene sighed. This wasn’t because she had lost the fight, but because she still couldn’t get Trinity to understand that Grey needed to know that he was a slave. 

Selene said, “Grey. Because of you, Trinity’s body has almost fully recovered. She only needs to take one mana pill per day and the mana circulation treatment can probably stop in a few months.” She placed one hand on Grey’s shoulder. “I really want to give you a strong reward for risking your life for her, but you’ve only asked for books to help Trinity study magic. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Grey nodded. 

“I’m even willing to give you Trinity’s body. She clearly wants to give it to you.”

Grey blushed as Trinity applied a spinning elbow to her mother’s ribs, sending her to the ground. 

Isabella calmly lifted her mistress into her arms and excused herself. 

While being carried away, Selene announced, “The books have arrived. You both can study after dinner.”


In the evening, Grey set out to prepare a soul food-inspired dinner, infusing the kitchen with the comforting aromas of spices and sizzling ingredients. Yet, he faced the challenge of substituting traditional ingredients with what was available in their magical world. Orc meat replaced pork in the collard greens, and horned rabbit stood in for the turkey.

As the tantalizing scent wafted through the estate, several curious servants couldn’t resist stealing tastes from the meal. The flavors were so enchanting that, with each bite, they found themselves irresistibly drawn to dance and sing in spontaneous celebration. Grey playfully chased them away, his laughter mingling with their newfound exuberance.

Notably, the once-downtrodden slaves seemed to have undergone a remarkable transformation, infused with a renewed spark that mirrored Grey’s infectious energy. 

Grey had improved his culinary skills over the past year, once he recognized that Trinity truly needed the nourishment. After some investigation, he gained insight into Trinity’s unique situation that had eluded her doctors. It seemed that Selene’s seal was partially passed to her daughter, inhibiting Trinity’s magic and creating the mana disorder.

Consequently, Trinity’s body leaned more toward her original elf genetics than her evolved vampire DNA. Meaning, she required food for sustenance. Because she couldn’t draw much mana from blood, Grey carefully crafted meals, leading to considerable weight gain and a physique more akin to Selene’s.

However, any mention of Trinity’s physical changes inevitably led to another black eye for Grey. 

He shuddered. The memory of these abusive encounters lingered in his mind as he continued serving the feast to Selene’s family and her guests, the Castlemans.

The atmosphere in the estate always shifted when the Castleman family arrived. Among them was a 17-year-old girl named Marcy and the mistress of the Castleman household, Lisa. Lisa commanded several elven servants, creating an air of opulence and grace.

“The ventilation in your home has really improved,” Lisa complimented. 

Grey stared at the ground. Though the windows were repaired long ago, he hid his mana by constantly releasing wind from his pores. It left his energy depleted, but it was the only way to hide his abilities from Christian.

Lisa cleared her throat, drawing his attention. She embodied a timeless grace, though everyone knew it paled in comparison to Selene’s. Seated with regal poise, her sapphire-blue eyes and lips painted in twilight hues added to the enchantment. The dress, radiant in the ambient light, framed her blonde hair, creating a captivating portrait of elegance and sophistication that left an indelible impression on those in her presence.

Still, even Lisa was humbled at the sight of Grey, who had matured steadily since his arrival to the plantation. 

Engaging in conversation with Selene, Lisa couldn’t help but express a subtle undercurrent of jealousy. “I see you have a new servant.” Lisa forged a smile. 

Selene stared at Grey lovingly. “Grey, say hello.”

Grey bowed politely after standing beside Selene’s chair. 

The meal continued with Marcy casting her eyes toward Grey throughout the evening, drawing a subtle but noticeable fury from Trinity. Noticing the silent war between daughters, Lisa, perhaps succumbing to her curiosity or the allure of Grey’s unusual charm, spoke up. “How much would Grey cost?”

“He was,” Selene thought back but drew a blank. “I can’t recall. Honestly, it was a steal.” 

“You seem to misunderstand, my dear friend. How much will it cost for me to purchase Grey?”

Christian straightened up, his cup of blood barely touched throughout the night, and Grey’s food completely ignored. 

The young master was aware that these gatherings primarily served as a stage for two old hags to assert their dominance in town. Lisa showcased her exquisite elves, who were more costly compared to human slaves. And for the price of beauty, Lisa held a smaller workforce. Selene, in turn, paraded the excellence of her wine and the luxuries within the estate. 

For Lisa, beauty was everything, and even Christian couldn’t deny Grey’s allure. He acknowledged that Grey’s looks were superior to any elf on the Castleman farm.

“Grey is my most cherished servant,” Selene stated with a measured tone. She aimed to prevent Trinity from reacting impulsively, considering her tendency to speak her mind. Fortunately, Trinity had shown some restraint since befriending Grey. “We could never—”

Christian stood upright, causing the table to clatter. Seething with anger at the refusal, he downed a glass of blood and abruptly excused himself from the gathering. The tension lingered, but that was exactly what Lisa wanted. 

In a moment of candid warning, Lisa coldly stated, “When will Joseph return? This may be an abnormally long absence, but I hear he could be on his way back in two years. And, well we all know, Grey’s presence would likely lead to dire consequences.”

“I’m sure we’ll work something out,” Selene said before taking another sip of wine.  

“Both you and Trinity could visit him on the farm, where he’ll be safe. I’ll make him Marcy’s companion.”

Lisa’s daughter, seemingly thrilled at the prospect of this venture, announced, “I will treat him well—better than any slave I’ve had. Plus, we’re much further from Rosewood, so he’ll be safer from beasts.” 

Grey didn’t want that. Anything further from Rosewood would cause a huge problem. Fortunately, he didn’t need to worry. Trinity had already snapped, and everyone could tell without her making a sound. 

Marcy, a younger version of Selene, used her charm on slaves for nefarious purposes. Feeling the mounting discomfort, Trinity gracefully excused herself, bashing through the dining room door. But she swiftly returned, grabbing Grey’s wrist and taking him with her. 

“Like I said,” Selene sneered. “He’s cherished.”

While Selene maintained her composure, an undercurrent of worry ran through her. The claim of Joseph’s two-year return was exaggerated. Joseph’s prolonged absence was likely due to his awareness of Trinity’s fragile state, unable to bear the sight of her death. 

Selene suspected he might be waiting for news of Trinity’s funeral from afar, keeping his distance until then. He may even consider avoiding all of Amana if he were to ever lose his favorite child.

The true problem was Trinity’s recovery. With her regaining strength and mobility, Joseph’s return would be expedited. Navigating the roads close to Rosewood at the speed of the fastest carriages, he could reappear within a year. Selene had deliberately concealed Trinity’s improving health, using it as a means to retain Grey’s presence a bit longer. Nevertheless, the clock was ticking.

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